Easy administration, quick reservation

  • The whole/complete process can be administered online.
  • This includes
    • booking      
    • administration
    • pick-up
    • confirmation by e-mail 
    • confirmation on paper  
    • Stornierung durch Mitarbeiter
    • analysis and statistics
  • Prospective are able to verify utilization and book Daily Cards at each time
  • The reservation overview shows the current availability of Day Cards for each date and municipality
  • Booking and enquiries from any workplace
  • The pickup confirmation with all personal data is generated automatically 
  • It is very easy to handle
  • Online-Payment of the tickets with creditcard or postcard
  • Payment interface with adminpay possible
  • Log-In with SuisseID possible
  • Mobile Version of the system for reservation with the Mobile

The Flyer shows you the operation and the surface of the system (German Version):

See our brochure: Download here (PDF)

Free Trial with the Demoversion of the system

Technical questions to the the module

Is there anything our web agency needs to prepare/provide?

 Gar nichts. Die Agentur erhält einen speziellen Code, der auf die Gemeindewebsite eingefügt wird. Diesen Code einzufügen braucht nur wenige Minuten. 

Can the module be used in/on any website?

Yes it can. The system is managed/looked after by 2sic Internet Solutions GmbH and runs on the server www.Tageskarte-Gemeinde.ch. The integration into your website is done with the aid of a frame or Iframe, which is supported by all websites.

Can the module be used in/on any website?

Yes, the module can be used with all/any types/versions of content management systems